4-Inch Batman Action Figures from Spin Master!

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4-Inch Batman Action Figures from Spin Master!

A new series of 4-inch Batman-related action figures from Spin Master are on their way to us right now!  Series 1 includes Batman, Tactical Batman, Robin, Joker, Nightwing, Man-Bat and Defender Batman. 

Some of you folks may not know much about Spin Master but they have been in the business for quite awhile.  They're the folks that released those amazing Dragon toys based the characters from How To Train Your Dragon.  Some of you may also know that they're also a company that does not over manufacture toys - just look at some of the aftermarket prices on those dragons action figures.  Whoa.  So, if you think you may want these, you'd better order early if you don't want to pay aftermarket prices.


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