Our Favorite Covers

Our Favorite Covers

We've added TONS of new comics to the site.  Some of our favorite covers include:


Punchline 1 Trade Dress Exclusive and honestly we love all the Punchline covers!

Wonder Woman #764 Middleton Cardstock is super classy and we love the Art Nouveau style.  Check out more of Middleton's Wonder Woman covers.

Immortal Hulk 41 Ross Variant has all the nostalgia!

Mars Attacks Red Sonja 1 brings 50s pulp nostalgia!  Check out the series.

Dune: House Atreides #2 Jae Lee 1:25 minimalist yet stunning take on the Bene Gesserit.  Check out the series.

Doctor Who 1 Peach Momoko because Doctor Who and Peach...need I say more?  See the series.

Iron Man 3 Veregge Variant and all the Veregge covers have to take it for most unique cover art we've recently seen.

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