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The super-hot, and formerly Gamestop exclusive, Thanos Marvel Gallery Comic Version Statue is getting a wide release to all comic shops!  We have this item up for pre-order now!  CHECK IT OUT HERE ➤

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Feels like we've been waiting forever, but we finally received the Avengers: Endgame figures from Hasbro!  Hasbro went pretty deep into the comic lore pulling out great characters Living Laser, Nighthawk, Citizen V and Hercules to stand with MCU movie versions of Captain America, Ronin and Ebony Maw!  Most figures in the series include a BAF for the massive Armored Thanos as he appears in the Endgame movie.  Check out all of our Marvel Legends action figures here ➤

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Captain America Marvel Select Action Figure from Diamond Select Toys!  Now in stock!  These are already sold out at Diamond so get them while we got 'em!

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